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TSN Wealth Management

Values Drive Meaning, Meaning Drives Excellence

The TSN Mission

Our mission is to build fruitful relationships with our clients, joyfully serving them in excellence with communication, care, and the highest level of financial planning through biblically guided stewardship.


TSN Wealth Management Values

We work heartily as unto the Lord to demonstrate love for our clients and love for God by serving with compassion and humility, with an eternal perspective, and an innate desire to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients.

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TSN Wealth Management Values

​We are driven with determination, grit, perseverance and a relentless hunger to achieve all our goals and objectives.


TSN Wealth Management Values

We are fulfilled by a job done exceptionally well and a client's life changed as a result. We uphold the highest standard of care –a fiduciary standard by putting our clients’ interest above our own via honesty, integrity, transparency and professionalism

Business Consultation


TSN Wealth Management Values

We believe a team effort yields the best results. We co-pilot a plan with our clients, helping educate them to make informed decisions. Within our team, we coach, mentor, develop, and share, utilizing all our unique skills for the greater good of our clients.​


TSN Wealth Management Values

We relish the trust placed in us by our clients and foster our duty as prudent advisors. This guides our steps as we equip our clients to steward their resources wisely, achieve success, live well, and leave a legacy of generosity.​

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TSN Wealth Management Values

We believe that family is a gift from God. We are a family, serving together on mission, whose purpose is to be a blessing to every other family we encounter.​


TSN Wealth Management Values

We find great joy in serving, joy in relationships, and joy in helping provide financial freedom so our clients can pursue life’s greater purpose.

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